Meet Jonny

Barber Jonny Cox is the founder and creative force behind Clip Around The Ears.

“The reason I love my job as much as I do, is that every day I have the opportunity to help boost my clients’ confidence. By taking the time to make sure they look and feel great, my clients can feel empowered to go about their day and accomplish everything they set out to do. That could be acing that job interview, buying that car, or even just having a great night out on the town. No matter what it is they set out to do: smash it!”

“If you’re a new client, I get how you feel: getting your hair cut by a new barber is every bit as daunting as going to a new gym or entering a new social situation. So don’t worry. I make sure all my new clients feel at ease, comfortable, feel free to talk and describe exactly the style they want and leave feeling they have been understood.” 

“I make sure my clients walk out the door feeling and looking great”


Jonny’s unique ability to relate to his clients and instil confidence stems from his varied life experiences.

Prior to training as a barber, Jonny joined the British Army’s Corps of Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers, where he developed his meticulous attention to detail.

Following several years of travelling the globe, Jonny returned to civilian life as a chef, working as Head Chef for a number of high-profile restaurants.

Now as a barber, Jonny uses his experiences to impart positivity and boost his clients’ confidence by offering a truly personal service – creating a safe space to communicate and build connections.

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    Tandis Hair and Beauty

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